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Detailing is our PASSION, not just our JOB!

After Hours service is available! Email ( for details!

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Eco-Friendly Detailing, Trained Tech's, No Cross Contamination

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Not all automatic car washes are created equal! Using an automatic car wash you risk being the culprit of swirl marks, especially on darker-colored cars. Swirl marks are very difficult to get rid of once they have shown up. Cars with wider wheel widths or a low profile will sometimes have problems with automatic car washes. In this case, you may fall victim to scratches and scrapes on your rims or the undercarriage of your vehicle. Keep in mind the spinning brushes and the dangling cloth pieces that do most of the washing. These may be quick, efficient, and fun for the kids to look at, but if you’ve got a car that you want safe from swirl-marks and contaminants then this is the wrong path for you. Most people don’t realize that these brushes have touched hundreds if not thousands of other cars, collecting dirt and debris along the way. That dirt and debris is like acid on your paint surface!

Most automatic washes will use either air drying or a hand drying with a towel. These methods tend to leave extensive water spotting and exterior scratching respectively when compared to a proper hand drying with a clean, microfiber cloth.

Also, think twice about spray-on wax. This typically adds at least a couple bucks to the cost of the wash and while it doesn't hurt anything, it's no substitute for hand-applied polish/wax. Spray-on "wax" may provide a short-term gloss enhancement, but doesn't protect against UV sun damage the way hand-applied wax does. Ditto the cost of having an attendant spray Armor All (or a similar protectant) on your tires to make them shiny. The cost for this extra can be equivalent to the cost of buying an entire bottle of the stuff on your own.

Claying, polishing and waxing helps to remove embedded contaminants, as well as to restore the luster of a damaged finish, which is done when you hand wash your vehicle. None of these steps have a comparable step in automatic washing.

Wheel and tire cleaning is an exception; the heavy-duty cleaners used by the car wash do a great job of removing baked-on brake dust, etc., that can otherwise be a real chore to clean on your own, using over-the-counter cleaners, a hand brush and a hose. It's especially important to keep aluminum alloy wheels clean; brake dust can eventually permanently stain them if it's not regularly cleaned away.

Should time not be a factor, hand car washing tends to be better in every way when compared to automatic washes. Hand washes along with the corresponding additional steps such as claying, polishing and waxing should be done whenever time allows, for best results.

ATX-HandWaxandWash, LLC uses microfiber towels to detail your vehicle! Each car gets their own microfiber towels during the detailing process and those towels are washed or discarded after each detail.


ATX-HANDWAXANDWASH, LLC is focused on providing high-quality service and customer satisfaction - we will do everything we can to meet and exceed your expectations! 

ATX-Handwaxandwash, LLC uses clean microfiber towels on each vehicle. Our towels are washed and or discarded daily to make sure dirt from other vehicles are not transferred from vehicle to vehicle. Each surface on the vehicle will get it's own towel. (Windows, Painted surfaces, Wheels, Chome and interior components). Let us take care of your car! Our goal is to make life simpler, one car at a time. DETAILING IS OUR PASSION, NOT JUST OUR JOB!

We accept all major credits cards and debit cards. Payment is required after services have been approved! Thanks for your business and support. We look forward to servicing all your car detailing needs!



****$25 mobile fee is added per service call ****

Traditional Hand Wash or Waterless Washing

Basic Hand Wash Only: Pre-rinse,  hand wash, rinse, and dry! Hand clean wheels and tires. Gloss tires. Clean door jams and Windows: Inside and Out


Exterior Wash Only Pricing: 
Small Cars: $75

Medium sedans/coupes: $80

Large sedans: $85

SUV's, Vans and Trucks: $100

Large Trucks (F250): $105

Basic Interior/Exterior Wash Pricing:
Small cars: $100

Medium sedans: $115

Large sedans: $120

SUV's, Vans and Trucks: $135

Large SUV's, Trucks and Vans: $145

Weekly, Bi-weekly or Monthly service:

Pricing available under Monthly Membership page




****$25 mobile fee will be added per service call****

Hand Wax&WASH: Pre-rinse,  hand wash, rinse, and dry! Hand clean wheels and tires. Gloss tires. Clean door jams and Windows: Inside and Out.

Then Hand WAX and Buff vehicle to shine. Recommends: Claying the car prior to waxing!

Small Cars $75, Sedans $90 and SUV's/Trucks $125 additional fee.

Exterior Only:
Mid-Grade hand wax:
$235 Small cars 

$255 to $265 Med-Lar sedans
$275 Small SUV/ Truck

$285 Regular SUV/Truck
$295 Large SUV/Truck

High-End hand wax:
$255 Small cars 

$270 to $285 Med-Lar sedans
$295 Small SUV/Truck

$310 Regular SUV/Truck
$325 Large SUV/Truck


Check Pricing/Book Online tab for all pricing details!


Price Ranges for Ceramic Coatings:

Financing Available: 1/2 down with 3 to 6 installments

4/5+ year application: Gold Ceramic Package (Starting at)


Small car: Chevy Volt, Mini Cooper, etc ($1650+)

Sedan/Couple: Camry, Benz C300, BMW 3/5 series: ($1750+)

Small SUV: Ford Escape, Jeep Compass, Honda CR-V ($1875+)

Large Sedan: BMW 7 series, Mercedes 500, Audi A8: ($1950+)

Reg SUV or Truck: GMC Tahoe, Jeep Cherokee, Ford Explorer, etc: ($2075+)

Large SUV or Truck: Cadillac ESV, F250 or Vans: ($2350+)


6/7+ year application: Platinum Graphene Package (Starting at)


Small car: Chevy Volt, Mini Cooper, Honda Fit, etc ($2050+)

Sedan/Couple: Camry, Benz C300, BMW 3/5 series: ($2250+)

Small SUV: Ford Escape, Jeep Compass, Honda CR-V ($2300+)

Large Sedan: BMW 7 series, Mercedes 500, Audi A8 ($2450+)

Reg SUV or Truck: GMC Tahoe, Jeep Cherokee, Ford Explorer, etc ($2650+)

Large SUV or Truck: Cadillac ESV, F250/F350 or Vans ($2950+)


Extras: (Starting at)


Ceramic Coat: Full Wheel ($155 per wheel) 

Ceramic Coat: Face of Wheel ($85 per wheel) 

Ceramic Coat: Windows and Windshield ($155) 

Ceramic Coat: Lights (Front and Rear) ($105) 


Full Package Detail (w/clay bar)

Reg detailing packages range from $850-$3200.
Extreme detailing package: consultation only


Reg Package detailing includes:

Hand Wash
Full interior detail
Clay bar after washing
Wax and polish after claying 1-2 coats

Graphene or Ceramic Coating
Tires/Wheels dressed

WIndows cleaned and Waxed

Engine Detailed

Extreme Package:

+Wheels removed and cleaned/Waxed

+Brake Calibers cleaned

+Engine chrome polish

+Under carriage cleaned and detailed



ATX-Handwaxandwash, LLC is a Mobile Detailing Company. We love cars and keeping them CLEAN. Specializing in Waterless washing, Basic Hand washing, Ceramic Coatings, Waxing, Polishing, Clay Bar Treatments and more.


Our company is based on the belief that our customer's needs are of the utmost importance. Our entire team is committed to meeting those needs. As a result, a high percentage of our business is from repeat customers and referrals.

We would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best service in the industry.

Pick-up and delivery of your vehicle is also available while you're at work! We also do Corporate On sites for our Corporate Partners. Our mission is to make your life simple while keeping your vehicle clean!

We bring our services to YOU!

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HWW Corporate Partnerships:

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Waxing Info:
In order to maintain the shine and color of your vehicle it is a good idea to consistently wax your car on a regular basis. But, how often is too often, or not often enough? While a number of factors can dictate how often you want to wax. There is one way to determine if you need a wax, perform a bead test. A bead test is simply done by splashing a small amount of water onto your vehicle, if the water beads in less than ½" diameter beads you don't need to wax, if it doesn't then it is time to wax your vehicle.

How Often Should I Wax?
Generally it is a good idea to wax your vehicle once every two to three months. Sometimes once a month, if your vehicle is not garaged regularly, or if your car is exposed to particularly harsh conditions.

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Let us help you keep your vehicle clean and maintained! Please contact us for a free vehicle consult to discuss your vehicle needs!

We also do Corporate/Business onsite car washing and detailing. Contact us for corporate pricing and available days and times.  See Corporate Proposal LINK!

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512-367-0954: Lawrence (Owner Cell)

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Mon - Fri: 8am - 5pm (Appointment Only)
Saturday: 9am - 5pm (Appointment Only)
Sunday: 9am - 1pm (Appointment Only)


2512 W. Pecan St. Suite 340

Pflugerville, TX 78660

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